Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beautiful advertising from 1909 and 1928, from Moment D' Inspiration

See galleries of far more of this small sample at the very cool blog

"Cars for sale" by Chenoweth

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a jackass is copying everything I've posted, if you are reading this on justacarguy"s" blogspot, do me a favor and come over to the original, the one without advertising...

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If you are the jackass copying my blog, choke on it

I don't mean all of you who repost photos, galleries, or whatever. I'm talking to just that one m effer that has duplicated everything I've spent years on, and is trying to profit from it.

There are 2 blogs that ripoff everything I post

Anyone have advice on how tho shut these bastards down?

art deco sketch art of Michael Kaluta, from the artwork book of the movie "Metropolis", the incredible 1927 silent film

I didn't want to watch the silent film, not once I learned that a anime version with English vocals was made. It's a magnificent epic story that varies a lot from the original, and I recommend it highly. The original was written about on Wikipedia, and seems to be a very difficult story to follow, and that must be why it was editted differently by anyone who could, resulting in every known copy that existed from the 1930's to the 1990's having about 30 minutes cut from it to make the story cohesive. Watch the anime version for enjoyment, or the original if you're a film afficianado.

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Best monster truck wheelie I've ever seen

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Home made tank-tracked off roader

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good racing photography from the Chicane Blog

the above and below are the photography of Laurent Nivalle

Above Sebring

Above Monaco

Above, Sir Stirling Moss talking to photographers
see a lot of awesome racing coverage of all kinds

Speed limit sign for a windscreen... pretty good idea for a scrap bike

from the movie The Book of Eli

Big Daddy Don Garlits Swamp Rat special edition 1995 Dodge Truck, only 150 made, only 15 on the west coast, here's the best of them, only 36k miles

This is number 128 of 150, they were mostly ordinary trucks that went to Mark 3 that put in upgraded interior, and the decals. All of the Garlits specials got the swamp rat waving the flag on the quarter panel, but few or no others got the flames on the front fenders. They came with the 360 Magnum, and a 4 barrel. 220 Hp, Mike wanted more, and upgraded with headers, and nitrous.
This is number 128 of the 150, and yup, it's for sale, because Mike is getting a Cadillac truck with the Corvette engine.
This is the 3rd I've found in San Diego, the others didn't have the flames of course.

1920's Cigarette card series on motorcycles gallery at Moment D' Inspiration

see the whole gallery at

Monster Truck Jam 2009, Arnhem Holland, Maximum Destruction freestyle grand finale... NEVER say die! Don't quit til it won't run!

Just saw this on Speed tv, had to show it to you.

Monster truck cyclones, but if it doesn't happen right, is it a mini tornado?

Above: Best cyclone of the event

Below, a try at a cyclone, but it wasn't as fast as the other drivers, so, well... I'm gonna call it a mini tornado

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monster truck wheelies, 10000 pounds of juggernaut on 2 wheels, either one side or just the back tires

I had no idea these trucks had so much power they could lift the front end from a standing start, on dirt. That is awesome

Tere took a perfect series of photos of monster truck Spike's full freestyle run and explosion

Coverage doesn't get better than this! See the whole gallery at

best compliment of the day, maybe all week! Top 3 spot in Best Blogs of the year

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Monster Truck Jam San Diego 2010, freestyle

The freestyle event is to get points by putting on the best show, the most tricks in 90 seconds

But going all out usually results in a flipped rig. This seems to be the point that most of the trucks get to, do a lot of cool stunts, then wreck in a spectacular way to get the most points (on a 1 to 10 scale)

The Batman truck put on a great show, but like Grave Digger, found that the area it landed in was a wreck magnet.

A coupel of photos to show how damaged the body became, but like the others, they all were able to get back to the sidelines under their own power

The Lucas Oil Crusader put on a hell of a great show, made more points than the previous trucks... but that was the trend. All along the trucks would get more points and put on a better show than the previous trucks, and it seems to me that the best drivers were going last, and the least experienced first. That is how the points resulted.

The above spin, it's called a cyclone... and when done perfect gets points, but one little mistake, and the driver is on his lid.

Lots more coverage to come, lots of videos to intersperse with these photos to show you the cool tricks they pulled off, the wheelies, the powerslides, and the cyclones